About Us

About Us

Best Care Matters delivers Home Care Services and Supported Living Services in the UK. We are committed to delivering quality care and support to the individual we care and support.

We want to be the preferred choice in supported living and other care services. 

Our aim is to enable service users to maintain the maximum possible level of independence, choice and control. As a company we actively listen to and support service users to express their needs and wants.

We respect our service user’s rights to privacy and a family life. We believe in working in partnership with the service user, their families and other professionals to ensure their needs are met and to achieve the expected outcomes.

Our Aims

  • To maximise long term health and well-being outcomes by enabling Service Users to access early intervention services;
  • To maximise a Service User’s self-care abilities and independence;
  • To support carers in continuing their role and to have a quality of life alongside their caring role;
  • To allow and acknowledge people’s right to take risks and enjoy life as per their freedom of choice;
  • To ensure protection of the vulnerable;
  • To ensure dignity and respect and individual personal, physical, cultural and religious needs;
  • To deliver high quality active management of support and care which reduces avoidable hospital admissions enables rapid, safe hospital discharge;

Our Staff

Our staff are our most important asset in achieving our aims and delivering quality care services! Our staff predominantly have interpersonal skills, qualities and caring attitudes that enable them to relate well to Service Users and carers.

Staff are carefully selected and undergo rigorous training and induction to ensure they have the appropriate skills for caring and supporting Service Users. Staff are trained to deliver services in such a way as to respect the rights of each Service Users, and to ensure the health, well being, safety and security of service users.